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@@Recruit (English)
Our company have been engaged in Air Conditioning Equipment business to produce them in Thailand, China, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, to export them under our own brand of SAKURA and OEM basis to 70+ countries worldwide. Under a business motto of gALWAYS COMPLETE & COMPETITIVEh, we have been engaged in developing new products to gear ourselves to market needs under the themes of broader range of products of more competitive to other make. Those conational and having full challenge spirit are most welcome to our organization. For your information, at the adoption, we do make none of issue of your Nationality, Race, Age, Gender.
Adoption of Regular Employee
Description of Job

A.Overseas Sales
B.Logistic Staff

Hours of duty 9:00 ~ 18:00

Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday, Summer Off, Year end an New Year days

Required conditions and qualification A, B
‡@English (TOEIC 800 points or equivalent)
‡AIf capable of othr language than English (such
@as Chinese or European language) is more

‡BAdministrative business routine of
@International trade

‡CFundamental operation of Personal Computer
‡DKnowledgeable in Air Conditioning products
@and having experience in overseas sales is
@more preferable

Compensation Package

‡@Trial employment period is three(3) month
@long and duing this period, payment per
@hour is 1,000

‡AAfter formal adoption, give preferential
@treatment according to evaluation on
@respective abilities

‡BProvide a transportation allowance, Social
@Insurance, Paid Holiday.

E-mail account@alexyokohama.com

3-8-12 Utsukushigaoka, Aoba-ku Yokohama,
Kanagawa 225-0002 Japan
area map and periphery guidance to our office is attached

Rerson in charge at our office Ms. Matsumoto
Access to the office on foot

From Denentoshi Line Tama-Plaza Station a
12-minute walk

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