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  Eco-Solar Block

Maintenance-free for 5 years, by single color of Red, Green, Blue, Amber and White, or by 28 neutral colors of RGB combined, the Solar Block gives soft and saturated LED lights as a pavement marker, traffic sign, mural painting or any other application by users’ creative application when ambient light dim out.

Being charged by at least 2 hour sunlight in a day, the Solar Block requires no wiring, no other electric power supply either. Being protected by reinforced Polycarbonate case, the unit is highly resistant to scratch and breakage. Its waterproof structure (IP68) allows to be installed even water side. Applicable temperature - 20 deg C up to + 60 deg C.

1) Technical Specifications

Waterproof spec. IP68
Dimensions 200 (L) x 200 (W) x 45 (D)mm
Weight 1800 gr.
Tensile strength 612 kgf/cm2
Flexural strength 1004 Kgf/cm2
Breaking load 4772 Kgf
Adaptable temperature -20 deg C ~ +60 deg C
Light emitting time 50 hours plus (when fully charged)
Lighting intensity 16~260 Lux
Charging time & Working time 2 hours  8 hours

2) Brightness(Nit) and Lighting lntensity(Lux)

Model Color Brightness (cd/m2) Lux
CR-G04SB Blue 9.1 16
CR-G04SR Red 10.9 35
CR-G04SG Green 33.5 180
CR-G04SW White 63.6 260
CR-G04SY Yellow 14.7 40

3) Construction

- Most advanced Battery life: PO4,2200mAH, 3.2V
- Case: Reinforced Polycarbonate
- Mono Crystalline Solar Panel
- High intensity LED chips (8 pcs. Of Everlight)

4) Photos of actual usage
- Eco-Solar Block

- Water Eco-Solar Block 0

Eco-Solar Block
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