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@@RECO Board
What is a RECO Board
- It is a recycled Plastic Board made from used plastic being thrown away as a family rubbish.
- It highly contribute to cut back consumption of natural lumber chipboard for the purpose of Forest Protection.
- After use of the RECO Boards, they can again be recycled (Cascade Recycle).
RECO Board (A)Width (B)Length (C)Thickness Application/volume
‡@ NF Board (size: 2x6) 600 m/m 1800 m/m 12 m/m Mold Form for Concrete,
used record since Sept.
e02= 2.0 million pcs
(titled as gMeeting the
Law of Green Purchasingh)
‡A New Board (size: 4x8) 1200 m/m 2400 m/m 5.5 m/m Van Interior Material, size negotiable
4 Biggest Features of RECO Board

- Higher Machining Performance

For its much higher Machining Performance, total cost reduce drastically.
With its higher Abrasion Resistance, Surface Degradation is much less than natural chipboard.
- Machining Performance is almost similar to natural chipboard
With is higher Machining Performance, cut, drill and nailing can be done at exactly same level as natural chipboard.
- Easy handling
Almost no water-absorption of water, no weight change by rain. Simply wipe it off.
- Buy-back for recycling
Used boards are subject to buy-back for recycling (quality level shall be evaluated)

Solid state properties of RECO Board

Water Absorption Less than 0.05%
Coefficient of linear expansion 10 x 10 -5/deg.C
Modulus of longitudinal bending elasticity 8.4N/mm2

Comparison between RECO and Natural Chipboard

RECO Natural Chipboard
Machining Performance › ›
Abrasion Resistance  ’
Water Resistance  ’
Coefficient Linear › 
Longitudinal Bending Elasticity › 

Status of use

@@@@@@@@Van Interior: Wing @@@@@@@@@@@@As a Mold Form of Concrete (construction)

RECO Board
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