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  Incinerator of least Dioxin emission type
Characteristic mark of ALEX Clean Earth

Data when a mixture of < 85% Lumber, 10% Paper and 5% Waste Plastic> incinerated
Amazing outcome of the test : 0.0021ng-TEQ/m3N
Go clear Official Emission Standard in Japan = 5ng-TEQ/m3N at more than 50Kg/h
<An Incinerator of long time Safe/Ease>

1.Well-over Dioxin emission standard
Centrifugal separation/swirling current system, Odor/smoke eliminating construction by large amount Air Blow system* plus Burner.

2.Eliminate grime by cyclone function
Centrifugal separation/swirling current system, large amount Air Blow system.

3.Durable body
Incinerator has two areas of Fire retardant as well as Synthesis durable and Draft Tube Burner system.

4.Compact, not space taking unit
All required function is gathered with a slim body.
* except LCI series

Relative regulation
- Regulations to enforce the law of Waste Treatment and Cleaning (Enforce: December 01, 2002 and partly revised on December 10, 2004 Applicable to an Incinerator having a fire grate area of less than 2.0m2 (applicable to burning capacity less than 200Kg/h)

Content of Regulations Construction of Clean Earth
1. Any portion of Incinerator except Air Intake and Chimney Head shall not be exposed to outer air, waste shall be burned up under a condition where temperature of any Gas being generated within Firing Chamber (hereinafter, Combustion Gas) not exceed 800℃. At Secondary Combustion Chamber, it exceeds 800℃.
2.Ventilation of enough volume air being required to burn up inside waste is needed. Blower equipped, free ventilation orifice attached.
3. In case it is required to further thrown in waste to Combusiton Chamber, during the inside waste of the Combustion Chamber is burnt, it should be possible to thrown in specific amount of waste at a time under a condition that it is completely blocked from outer air. Outer-air-blocked type throw-in unit used.
4. A device to measure temperature of Combustion Gas during the combustion is to be attached. Temperature gauge (temperature measuring & indicator) is equipped.
5. Secondary Combustion device to keep combustion temperature is to be attached. At those Incinerators, however, purposed only for burning those waste of a nature to keep a temperature of combustion gas without any heating up are exception. Secondary Combustion Burner is equipped

- Special Measure Law on Dioxin and its kind (Enforce: January 15, 2000)
(Applicable to an Incinerator having a fire grate area of more than 0.5m2 (applicable to burning capacity more than 50Kg/h)

Item Emission standard Unit and measured value
Density of Dioxin and its kind (ng-TEQ/m3N) 5 CI 495 series LC1495 series PC1100
0.0021 0.56 0.0091
Dioxin and its kind included to incinerated ash (ng-TEQ/g) 3 CI 495

- Air Pollution Control Law
(Applicable to an Incinerator having a fire grate area of more than 2.0m2 (applicable to burning capacity more than 200Kg/h)

Item Emission standard CI 495 series LCI 495 series PC1100
Ash Dust (g/m3N) 0.15 0.0073 0.017 0.058
Hydrogen Chloride (mg/m3N) 700 29 less than 30 34

Incinerator of least Dioxin emission type
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Incinerator of least Dioxin emission type
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