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Through over 3 year experience in grain preservation unit applicable to silos and warehouses as an air cooling system expert, Alex Yokohama Corporation have recently released a stepped up system, in addition to those existing models, having 300-350 tons/day capacity.

Under a global food shortage, preservation at constant temperature to protect grains from quality degradation, insect proliferation and other factors causing any damage to it by a cooling storage should be the most essential solution to reduce global uneven distribution of grains. This is the essential reason why Alex Yokohama picked up Thailand-origin Grain Cooler and introduce this stepped up system.

Models available now are GSC-03-IKW of 20-30 tons/day up to GSC-50-IKW of 300-350 tons/day.

Working principle and mechanism:
- air intake is always constant thanks to inverter control
- use cost free waste air through a heat reclaiming system that saves energy
- inlet pressure is always kept constant through variable condenser controlled fan speed
- total static pressure can be built up to 300mmWG, or 300 Pa, with a specifically designed supply fan


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