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@@Diesel and Gas Generator

Reliable, durable, and faithworthy power system

Production Standards
The technical datas of all generator sets conform to ISO 8528 (GB/T2820-97), ISO 3046, BS.EN 60034, BS5000, IEC 34-1, VDE0530, NEMA MG1-32 GB755, CSA 22-2, AS 1359, CE,ISO 9001, other intemational and national qualiy standard and ISO 14001 emission standard.

Genral Guldelines for Derating
Below the condition of altitude 1000m(3279ft) and temperature 40 (104K‚e), the generator does not derate power during running.
When the altitude and temperature are abe above 1000m(3279ft) and 40 (104K‚e) respectively, the power derating is as follows.
Altitudeƒ3000m (9837ft) @@@@4% / 500m (1640ft)
Altitude„3000m (9837ft) @@@@6% / 500m (1640ft)
Environment derating coefficient @@@@1.5%/ 5Ž (41K‚e)

Production Quatity
- According to clients special demand, GTL designs and manufactures various related products
@and control panel, meanwhile ensure the high quatity.
- Experienced and skillful workers manufacture classic products.
- Ordered producing process makes the productivity and the quatity higher and higher.
- The strict factory test makes sure top product quality and no client complaint. Our high quality
@products makes client feel more satisfied.

If the damage is caused by our design, incorrect assembly or improper materials, a guarantee of 18 months from shipping, 12 months from date of arriving at destination or 1000 hours from commissioning, whichever occurs first is provided. Warranty will be invalid if customers disobey the requirements of the operation and maintenance, of components are worn down by daily use.

GTL Generator Set Specifications

D W 500 T 5
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Number meaning Note
1 Engine Brand C-USA Original Cummins CC-CCEC DC-DCEC FS-Foton DW-Dawoo
D-Deutz J-Johndeere LP-Lovol M-Mtu Ml-Mitsubishi
P-UK Perkins Y-Yanmar V-volvo YT-Yto Q-Quanchai
DF-Dongfeng WD-Wangdi CD-Chidong
2 Cooling style W-Watercooled A-Aircooled
3 RPM 1500RPM or 1800RPM 3-3000RPM
4 Genset Power The Unit of Genset prime apparent output: KVA
5 Genset Style Blank-Open Style W-Waterproof S-Soundproof Style WT-Waterproof Trailer ST-Soundproof Trailer
6 Phase T-3phase M-Monophase
7 Frequence 5-50HZ 6-60HZ

Genset Power
Standby power
When the main power is failed, as emergency power of fluctuating load, the standby power is used. "Fuel Stop Power" accords with ISO15550, ISO3046/1, JISB8002-1, DIN6271 and BS5514 standards. Overload: forbiddden.

Prime Power
When the main power is failed, as emergency power of fluctuating load, the standby power is used. At this situation, main power can supply 10% overload power. Overload: Allow 10% overload.

Working Condition
The rated operating conditions of gensets accords with the standard operating conditions of ISO3046/1, GB/T2820-97, DIN6271 and BS5514.
Fuel Standard: According with ASTM D975, BS2869 and 35API density standard(16Ž, 60K‚e). Under atmospheric temperature 29Ž (85K‚e) , fuel Consumption is 838.9g/ liter (7.001lbs/U.S gal).

Detailed data

Diesel and Gas Generator
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