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Introduction of Eco-Earth
   介紹 "Eco-Earth”
 Chinese (中文)
Some advisable Tip and prior information for you to successfully introduce Eco-Earth to those prospective users

- The product is produced by giving an extra consideration to Environment.
- The product is fully of recycling resources.
- The product is highly contributable to reduce CO2.
- Those companies and public offices may appeal their environmental
 consciousness to raise their public image in the society. Installation
 of the product will also lift environmental consciousness of people
 working there.
- Organic fertilizer being produced as a result of the product will also create
 a new business opportunity to sell it, as a new product for new market
 place, to the market place.
- New business of extending periodical after-sales-service under a
 Maintenance Contract basis will give a chance to create any new
- In some countries and territories, any governmental support for installing
 environment conscious product and/or CO2 cut back products.
- Most important sales promotional activities are appropriate presentation,
 technical guidance, supervision and continuous guidance.

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