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Suitable to:

Ceiling of hall, class room, office, shopping center and so on

Made of selective high density Fiberglass Wool. Surface finish with decorative fiberglass tissue and the back side with normal tissue. Edges are sealed and exactly square. When installed, the panels are exactly parallel to grid system.

- apply exposed grids: 15mm or 24mm width
- easy to trim and install
- inch and metric grids

- non-combustible
- no waving, warping nor delaminating
- environment friendly
- high sound-absorbing

Technical data:
- Material: Molecular binding high density fiberglass wool
- Surface: Laminated decorative fiberglass tissue
- Color: White, Black and others by order
- Fire-resistant: Class A, non-combustible to meet GB9624-1997 tested
 by a Chinese Authorized Inspection Center
- Thermal-resistance: > or = 0.4(m² ・k/w)
- Moisture proof: No waving, warping nor delaminating with relative
 humidity up to 95% at 40 ℃
- Moisture ratio: < or = 1% (JC/T670-2005)
- Environment friendly: Panel and relative packing staff are easier to
- Safety: Maximum radionuclides in panel
 Specific activity of 226Ra: lra < or = 1.0
 Specific activity of 226Ra, 232Th, 40K: lr< or = 1.3
- Certificate: ISO approved

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