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  Introducing Alex Eco-Triangle (Total Ecology Solution)
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General need for environment conservation units and ecology conductive products are now, and will be toward future, surely elevating by a rising of global environmental consciousness and efforts to keep such valuable given environment we all enjoy today.

Alex Yokohama Corporation have been widely introducing such Japanese products to overseas as environment conservation and ecology conductive products being developed by their own hi-tech and unique quality.

Combination of each subjective effort to build up a society of environment-friendly and having an enthusiasm for conservation of valuable given environment toward future will surely bring significant overall result.

Alex Eco-Triangle consists of following three (3) core products:
1) Eco-Earth Bio-compost Accelerator, Food-waste Recycling System
2) Clean-Earth Dioxin-free Incinerator
3) Eco-Cubic Waste Oil/Coolant Re-use System

Alex Eco-Triangle is a vivid suggestion being directed to commercial, as well as public, facilities being conscious of environment conservative.

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