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  Highly appreciate your confirmation of our safety from all over the world
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March 14, 2011

At 2:46 p.m. of last Friday, March 11, 2011, Japan was attacked by ultra giant earthquake, at East-North area of Japan main island, as reported magnitude 9.0, should occur once in some thousand years. Epicenter is reported to 400km North-East of Tokyo and under the sea while we, in Tokyo and Yokohama area, were also hit by fierce shock of the earthquake.

Being seriously hit by such an ultra giant quake, far Northern part from Kanto area (metropolitan area including Tokyo capital) encountered with catastrophic damage.
Check on the whole damage will require considerable time while, again, according to a series of News, multiplicity loss of human life and huge wreckage by TSUNAMI hit a big numbers of cities, towns and villages after 30 minutes later.

Taking this opportunity, I, representing the Company and all employees, send my heartfelt appreciation for many, many, confirmation of safety being brought up by e-mails and telephones from all over the world started just after the issue. Please be assured that we, all employees and family members, are all well and nothing of our company facilities damaged.

It would, however, take a considerable time to full recovery at such disaster areas and we should overcome several and various problem for the recover there.

As informed, traffic and infrastructure in these areas were fully lost at this moment and not being usable. In consequence of these issues, “planned electricity failure” in metropolitan area, including Tokyo and Yokohama”, is underway starting today here to avoid massive regional power outrage tentatively till the end of April, 2011.

According to the plan, these non-attack metropolitan areas will be divided into five district to have power failure for several hours per day. During such failed time, supply of power even to traffic infrastructure shall be closed so that any unexpected influence to our routine works shall be inevitable. Your kind understanding and cooperation is, thus, highly appreciated.

For your information, practically, in a zone we belong, i.e. Yokohama zone, power shall be failed during 15:20 to 19:00 hour, Japan time. Receiving e-mails at our usual mail-account shall, thus, become impossible.

Until such unusual period shall be wound up, you are kindly requested to send e-mail with a copy to below address as well:


We believe that our people will enable powerful reconstruction from such unexpected disaster, as we may say a national crisis, in a similar manner we did in postwar rise period.

Before closing, again, we very much appreciate your kind support and thought for us and hope the same will be continued toward future.

Kazuaki Hama
Group CEO

Sakura Corporation
Alex Yokohama Corporation

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