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  ALEX Solar LED Light
Dear Sir,

Renewable Energy is an universal key world at this moment.

We, Alex Yokohama Corporation, have been engaged in developing Renewable Energy Solution apparatus taking the advantage of Solar Cell/Module.

Very recent achievement of our effort is “Eco-Lumina”, Solar LED Light, combining Solar Cell with high intensity LED chips. Major feature of the unit is summarized below:
- No wiring nor electric works required for Solar energy.
- Maintenance free due to the special capacitor durable for more than 10 years.
- No problem for installing the light down to 50cm depth water.
- Almost no restriction for installation ? applicable temperature from ?40 to +70 deg. C
- Suitable for path light on aisle and stairs, mural painting on wall at buildings
- 6 colors are available: Green, Blue, White, Red, Orange and Yellow

For more details, you are cordially invited to visit our web-site at www.alexyokohama.com or send us any inquiries and questions by return e-mail.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

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