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 ALEX ECO-EARTH Garbage Treatment Plant
 ECO-EARTH Bio-Compost Accelerator (Food Waste Recycling System)
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Today, to conserve Global Environment, Countermeasures against global warming has become a common theme in every country and area. At Alex Group, thus, we are aiming to develop those envronment-friendly,
Earth-Friendly, products utilizing renewable natural energy, emphasizing CO2 cut-down, and similar. As a part of such activities, we are proceeding a development of Eco-Earth, a recycling system of kitchen garbage and
left-over foods

Food Waste is an Important Resource !
Let' appropriately make most efficient use of them by recycling to protect Global Environment !

21st century is surely an era of ecology where a global theme of human being is to economize a limited supply of resources and foods on earth to maintain sustainable society.

On the other hand, when disposing those consumed resources and foods, it is crucial to reduce such waste as much as possible by promoting reutilizing/reprocessing them for possible maintenance of environment and contribute to better living of people living on this same planet.

Today, almost all food waste is inevitably disposed as simply a rubbish to waste much man power and expense. At the same time, however, if such food waste would be properly dealt with, it will surely achieve a rebirth as high quality organic fertilizer to grow up significant volume of next generation foods by all means.

To fulfill such global needs, ALEX YOKOHAMA, under a closer cooperation with Japanese machine manufacturer, have developed Eco-Earth, epoch-making highly efficient garbage treatment plant.

The Eco-Earth is especially welcomed at those facilities to exhaust a large amount of food and kitchen waste from their restaurants, such as schools, companies, factories, dormitories, hospitals, military and so on.

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