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  Introducing ALEX CLEAN-EARTH (Dioxin-free Incinerator)
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Alex Yokohama Corp. have been focusing on developing Environmental Conservation Product, obviously a globally required Theme.

Taking further steps on recently developed ALEX Eco-Earth (Bio-Compost Accelerator for food waste recycling system), here we would like to introduce Clean-Earth, Dioxin-free, a small size Incinerator of general garbage. In Japan, and other countries as well, with very severe control on Dioxin emitting, those smaller size Incinerator have not been approved to use as they inevitably emit toxic Dioxin to start and to end incineration of those garbage.

By using two burners simultaneously, Clean-Earth keep incineration temperature exactly at one point to eliminate emitting toxic Dioxin.

In Japan, authorization has already been given by a related governmental Institution so that the same units have been widely used in actual field to satisfy a need of Dioxin-free, smaller, Incinerator.

For more details of Clean-Earth, you are cordially invited to visit Alex web-site at

Please also refer to a DVD of Incineration Test available

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Clean Earth Introduction
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