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  Message from Top Management

Alex Yokohama Corporation was established in 1991 to start export operation of Japan made Building Materials and General Commodities, as a core Business.

In 1994, then, started production of Air Conditioners in Thailand so that major business of the company has been shifted to such area in that year. Air Conditioner business has expanded mainly into Europe, Asia, Oceania and Middle East countries, mainly under OEM supply basis being taken over by Sakura Corporation, one of Group Companies being established then.

Today, ALEX YOKOHAMA are engaged in following 5 Core business areas:
 - Building Materials
 - Air Conditioning Products
 - Machinery Products
 - Heating Products
 - Environment-friendly Products

We are committed ourselves, under a company vision of specialized into development of those products really satisfying the need of people, to really serve them by distributing such products to worldwide markets.

All those products being handled by ALEX YOKOHMA have been developed under a closer tie-up with those makers, located in Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan and so on, having high technology, high quality output.
Kazuaki Hama
Group CEO

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